Taylor High School Project Graduation

Project Graduation 2018!

May 26, 2018   11:59pm - 5am May 27th

Hello All,

I want to let you know, that the board is going to make sure that every senior who wants to attend Project Grad, will attend Project Grad, regardless of their financial circumstances.

We are working out some ideas about “adopting a senior”, or “Sponsoring a senior”. We just wanted to let you know that we are aware of the Harvey situation and even other pre-Harvey situations. We will keep you posted about this.

In the mean time, if you haven’t already ordered a shirt, please do so. You have to have a Project Grad shirt to participate in any of the events.

And even if you will not be able to volunteer, it is an easy way to help support Project grad!

Thank you in advance, Dawn

Project Graduation is an all-night, drug and alcohol free, lock in style party for graduating seniors.

We rent out a venue and set up things to do.  Activities included this year are unlimited play on arcade games, inflatables, bowling, billiards, casino games, mechanical Surf board, photo booth, Dance, Dance Revolution, and a DJ.

Food will be available throughout the evening as well as sodas and water. There will also be awesome raffle prizes you can win! Raffle tickets are included with advance registration so buy your ticket early.

Please join us to celebrate your graduation!

Find the registrations forms at the button links below.  There are three forms for you.  Please return #2 and #3 to register.